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Dean from Marijuana SA

Dean Van Schalkwyk from Marijuana SA shares his story, his journey into cannabis, and what it takes to judge a cannabis cup.

Natie Ferreira's Magic Garden

Natie is good grower of many things, including some of the best outdoor Cannabis around. Some would call him a master grower, but Natie Ferreira hates that term. Let's...

Cannabis Private Clubs in South Africa - The Alibi

Today we visit The Alibi, an upmarket Cannabis Private Club in Cape Town, and chat with owner, Simon Leps, about the club model and the state of cannabis in South Africa.

Trenton Birch & Cheeba Cannabis Academy

Trenton Birch is co-founder of Cheeba Cannabis Academy, Africa's first cannabis educational institution. We sit down with Trenton as he gives us an insight into his in...

Are we legal yet?

With the president's recent comments in his state of the nation address and spate of media hype around cannabis legalisation we bring you this episode to understand wh...

Neil Liddell - My own story

The host of African Gold shares his own story. From his first business idea to founding a cannabis grow club, being arrested and starting this podcast.

Tony Budden – The King of Hemp

Tony Budden, who together with long-time friend, Duncan Parker, co-founded Hemporium, the first cannabis company in South Africa, over 25 years ago.

Gareth Prince – The man who legalised weed

Gareth Prince is a trained lawyer, a rastafarian and the man fought to legalise weed in South Africa

Craig Paterson - Prohibition and Racism

The prohibition of cannabis is deeply linked with a history of racism, bad science and South Africa. That was the findings in Craig Paterson's thesis on the subject wh...

Myrtle Clarke - The story behind the Dagga Couple

After her partners tragic death, Myrtle Clarke, the remaining half of the famous Dagga Couple talks about her journey and continuous struggle to free the plant.

Introducing: African Gold!

Listen to the trailer for the upcoming podcast, African Gold!

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